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Small businesses has a lot going on.


You want your business to to survive and grow, be focused on the right product and service development, and to be well marketed that opportunities come knocking at your door.

Your resources are limited and time is short to take advantages of these opportunities and that’s why Umico IT support package was developed.

The Umico IT support package is specifically designed to meet the needs of SOHO and small businesses. It covers device procurement, system setup, networking, communications, desktop support, security, software and everything you would expect from a leading IT solutions provider. All wrapped up in flexible packages designed to deliver the support you need at a price you can afford.

Umico IT support packages can include:

  • Desktop procurement, setup and support

  • Networking, security and hardware

  • Mobile device procurement and setup

  • Software configuration and support

If you know what you need to achieve but have no idea how to achieve it, we can help.


Our small business experts have a wealth of experience working with SOHO and small businesses.

We can design an IT infrastructure that can be as simple or as complex as you need.


From sourcing a reliable desktop and printer to installing a full network with unified communications solution, we can help.

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