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Legacy Systems

In today's digital era ' Data' is the new gold.

Your business has spent time and money in building a database which has become critical to your business.


It's the lifeline of your business !!

Think what would happen to your business if part or all of the data is gone and can't be recovered.

Ruin, Havoc, Loss !! 


The reality is many a company go through change only to discover the worse and revert back. A very costly exercise in terms of money and faith in technology within your business 

Here at Umico we understand moving away from established legacy systems and software is not always feasible

We ascertain the limitations of your existing systems and identify gaps in your requirements that are not being fully supported. Providing and delivering enhancements through the development of your existing system or integrations with other third party systems. 

Legacy system that needs support or is no longer fit for purpose should not hold your business back

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